Who are we

Smart City is an Egyptian joint stock company established in accordance with the Investment Law No. 8 of 1981 Since 2014 for investment and development :

  • Real estate and related (sell , buy , rent ) and relabel investments are provided purchasing  ,  planning , buildings design and construction, marketing and sells plan
  • Smart City team consists of dedicated consultants engineers to ensure the highest quality in design and implementation
    We also encourage professional marketers to get the best results .
  •  Projects and  study drawings design of architectural and construction design and cost evaluation we can redesign  to ensure the quality of work and get the greatest possible savings .

Smart City's scope of business:

  •  Engineering designs Structural and Elector-mechanical engineering designs
  •  construction Supervision and project management
  • Development of new urban communities
  • Project management , of commercial , residential and office building
  • install and managing facilities and distribution networks
  • Facility management , of commercial , residential office Buildings


  • Property management of hotels, apartments, suites compounds and resorts
  • install, operate and maintenance service of the electric al station , Solar power stations, Desalination plants
  •  Operate, maintenance utility networks and general services

Success Partners

  • Branch of Remax American Real Estate Marketing Network
  • Recovered Energy in the new and renewable energy sector
  • Mentor Communications & Information Networks

Our goals

Smart City aims to join with the top companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt in the field of real estate investment and development of urban communities by providing the following services:

  • Engineering services
  • Construction supervision of urban projects and facilities
  • Projects of projects and provision of technical, financial and administrative services 
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • After sales service and facility management
  • Facility management and after sales service 
  • New and renewable energy projects

Our Vision

Restore customer confidence in real estate investment by improving service targeting excellence
The customer has the highest quality and the lowest cost and paper performance


Our Missain

  • Target customer satisfaction with credibility, honesty and respect
  • Formation of a distinguished team of highly trained and qualified representatives 
  • Gain customer confidence 
  • Fully aware of all the competitive opportunities available in the markets and provide the best ones to the customer
  • Offer more than one convenient option for the client within available projects 
  • Providing after sales services of the maintenance of units, facilities and compounds
  • Property Management Providing investment services by re-leasing and exploiting units after sale 
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