Trio Villas New Cairo

Trio Gardens on 35.5 acres. A smart place to live in the Andalusian lounge in the emergency system, surveillance system, storage tank or garbage rooms. 75% of green space and buildings 25%

Location Trio Villas New Cairo

The new Cairo Trio Gardens is located at the highest point in New Cairo overlooking the central ring road next to the German University and 15 minutes from the American University. You can reach it from the Suez Road or through the 90th Street.

Service Trio Villas New Cairo

shopping mall

Swimming pool

Restaurants and Cafes


Spa & gym


Units Trio Villas New Cairo

Finishing all units Super Lux with adaptations, kitchen and electrical appliances, very distinctive decorations and different top finishes by engineers and experts in the field of finishing

The apartments starts from 140 m to 350 m
Villas starts from 600 m

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