Sueno New Capital

The Seoinu administrative capital project is located in the R7 area of ​​N4 and the project is located on an area of ​​11 acres equivalent to about 4,600.
The residential units are based on 20% of the total area of ​​the complex and therefore there is no residential density and enjoy the atmosphere of privacy and a different atmosphere of tranquility


Service Sueno New Capital

shopping mall

swmming pool

Industrial lakes


land scape




Units Sueno New Capital

The units of the Ciudad Siuño administrative capital are designed on the best architectural design of unique sophistication suited to suit all markets.There is a set of finishes such as hotel finishing or client delivery unit without finishing. 

Ground with garden: 144 m + 45 m garden
228 m + 131 m garden
Duplex with garden: 265 m + 42 m garden
268 m + 86 m garden
House House: 240 m + 147 m Roof263 m + 140 m327 m + 121 m
Frequent roles: 115 m, 146 m, 150 m, 151 m, 154 m, 162 m, 160 m, 212 m, 237 m 

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