PUKKA New Capital

PUKKA New Capital built on an area of ​​40 acres, equivalent to 168 thousand kilometers. The area of ​​the units is only 22.5% of the total number of buildings and 2500 units. The rest is green areas and the service areas are available to get the client the best possible comfort. Located in the most prominent areas of the new administrative capital in the British University area, the grounds of the exhibition, the cathedral, the embassy district on the axis of Mohammed bin Zayed South

Service PUKKA New Capital

You will find all the streets of PUKKA New Capital, the capital of the capital, very large and full of green spaces Bicycle Sharing System
An international system for the participation of bicycles with a dedicated parking system, Food Court and other services

Mall Shopping

Land scape

Restaurant and cafee


Club house



Units PUKKA New Capital

Started from 112 square meters up to 227 square meters.


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