El-Masyaf North Coast

The Northern Coast Resort project contributes to give you a summer destination, which is characterized by a variety of family houses, independent villas and interchanges adjacent to the seashore directly for our interest in your own comfort and enjoyment. We have carefully selected our partners by arranging and designing buildings, chalets and villas to allow more Buildings to see the sea on the unusual in the rest of the villages of the northern coast Village of the resort North Coast is located on an area of ​​171 acres, where the length of the beach up to 1 kilo or 1000 meters, do not exceed the proportion of buildings only 20% to enjoy the benefits of the project of Daraa, Crystal Lagoon, Sports Grounds, Relaxation Area.


El-Masyaf North Coast

The village of the resort is the northern coast in Kilo 212 Alexandria Road Marsa Matrouh and in Kilo 75 from Marsa Matrouh and 10 km from the road Foca

El-Masyaf North Coast

The most important characteristic of the village of the resort is the northern coast is the different levels of terraces that start from 2 meters and up to 40 meters above sea level, while ensuring the view of most units of the sea. The project consists of several different construction and assures the client What distinguishes this project strongly is to ensure the viewing of 90% of the units of the sea and the rest of the units have 18.2 acres of crystal lakes, which are industrial lakes of sea water treated by modern technologies and renewable pure pure crystal purity.

Games area on the beach and watch towers

Mersey Yacht and Marina

Crystal Lagoons

mall shoping




Specialized diving center on the sea

El-Masyaf North Coast

Independent villas starting from 300 m and all units overlooking the sea

Twin House starts from 225 m

Chalets start from 110 m overlapping with a large heritage and gardens you have natural lighting at different levels on the terraces so that the ground floor rises 2 meters above sea level and rises the first round 31 meters above sea level and the second round 34 meters above sea level and duplexes 38 meters above sea level.

The 580m family house is a group of large family villas located in the area of ​​Crystal Lagoons. It is a large family house with three separate and connected floors. Each floor has its own door and key. It consists of 11 rooms, 12 bathrooms and a shared swimming pool.


EL LOKANDA A boutique hotel on the sea directly

Designed by TDF Architects, the award-winning company is located directly in front of the beach. It is built on an area of ​​6300 square meters. It consists of three floors of the ground floor under sea level 3.5 meters, the first floor above sea level 3.5 meters and the second above sea level 7.0 meters, , And features a presence

Waterfront on the roof at the boutique hotel, rainwater harvesting system for the hotel, rain drums for villas, bicycle paths or bicycle or shelving storage areas Original drought-tolerant landscapes, natural lakes, solar panels on the roof, hot solar water heating, solid waste management program , Garden of the urban community for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables

El Pansyon
Similar to the Locanda but in a different way near the Down Town and overlooking the Crystal Lagoons and also features its own swimming pools and green spaces

El Marsa
Located near the Locanda, it is a marina and marina for yachts of excellence, luxury and luxury


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